Tinos Island belongs to the group of Cyclades islands and it’s famous because of its unique features such as the traditional villages, the beautiful countryside, the old fashion architecture of buildings and its friendly inhabitants.

All those features make the island of Tinos a marvelous tourist destination.

Tinos offers a wide range of beautiful beaches, some of them are unique due to their natural structure. Some of those beaches are Agios Ioannis, Pahia Ammos, Livada, Agia Thalassa, Bali, Kolimbithra, Agios Romanos.

Visitors can also enjoy the archaeological and historical monuments founded in many different locations of the island. Some of the best locations to visit are the ruins of Poseidon temple, historical churches, monasteries, ancient castle, museum, public gallery and the Halepa’s museum (I.T.EP).
Souvenirs can be purchased by many tourist shops on the island, don’t miss the opportunity to try the local dishes and recipes, the local Tinos cheese, louza, artichokes, capers, local honey and traditional omelette (toutalia).

Tinos island offers a wide range of choices for the tourists high light entertainment, bars, clubs, discos are located in many different spots on the island.
Tinos is suitable for tracking and country walks through magnificent paths where visitors find watermills, magnificent countryside and also to come in touch with marvelous, unique geological places like Volax village.

Tinos Island belongs to the central part of Cyclades islands. Communicates with many big cities and Islands of Greece by boat, by flying dolphins and by airplane via Mykonos airport.
  • By boat:
  • - From Piraeus port by boat. The trip last 4½ hours
  • - From Rafina port by boat. The trip lass 4 hours
  • - From Thessaloniki port by boat. The trip last 10 hours
  • - From Heraklion port by boat. The trip last 8 hours
  • By Highspeed:
  • - By Piraeus port trip last approximately 3 hours
  • - By Rafina port trip last approximately 2 hours
  • - By Mykonos port trip last approximately 15 minutes